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CAPSULE AGERD (TABKHEER) Effective remedy for flatulence & indigestion

Agerd is an effective unani medicine for gastroesophageal reflux disorders (GERD), flatulence, weak..

150Tk Ex Tax: 150Tk

CAPSULE ANTILIGO (BARSINA) Effective remedy for vitiligo (2pack package)

Antiligo is a unique unani medicine, prepared with Psoralea (Psoralia corylifolia), Chebulic Myroba..

150Tk Ex Tax: 150Tk

CAPSULE ENDUREX (MUMSHIK) Masculine tonic for optimum duration of coitus

Endurex is a powerful aphrodisiac capsule. Unique formulation of Endurex with the combination of p..

1,200Tk Ex Tax: 1,200Tk

CAPSULE LIBIDEX (NISHAT) Harmless sexual tonic to increase libido

Libidex is a unique natural aphrodisiac capsule for youthful vigour and vitality. By virtue of exte..

650Tk Ex Tax: 650Tk

HAMDARD AMRITARISTA Natural medicine for fever

Hamdard Amritarista prepared with Moon Creeper (Tinospora cordifolia), Black Nightshade (Sola..

90Tk Ex Tax: 90Tk

HAMDARD ASHOKARISTA Natural drug for female disorders

Hamdard Ashokarista is an Ayurvedic ‘uterine tonic’, which is very effective in the treatment of al..

100Tk Ex Tax: 100Tk


Hamdard Aswagandharista is an effective Ayurvedic medicine, prepared with Aswagandha (Withani..

110Tk Ex Tax: 110Tk


Hamdard Balarista is an amazing combination of rejuvenating, energizing and vitaminised medicinal ..

100Tk Ex Tax: 100Tk

HAMDARD MUSTAKARISTA Effective in dyspepsia and diarrhea

Hamdard Mustakarista is a unique combination of Nut Grass (Cyperus rotundus), Ginger (Zingibe..

90Tk Ex Tax: 90Tk

KULZAM A quick & effective remedy for sudden ailments (3pack package)

Kulzam provides rapid relief from congestion and pain. Its widespread use rests on its safe and rel..

210Tk Ex Tax: 210Tk

SYRUP ALKULI (BUZURI) Versatile unani medicine Acts as a unique prebiotic, diuretic and febrifuge (450ml)

Alkuli is a time tested modern unani medicine, prepared with Chicory (Cichorium endivia) root &..

140Tk Ex Tax: 140Tk

SYRUP ALVASIN (Ejaz) Safe and effective bronchodilator, mucolytic, expectorant and antitussive (225ml)

Alvasin is a unique combination of valuable medicinal plants for all types of cough and cold. The m..

140Tk Ex Tax: 140Tk

SYRUP CARMINA A herbal remedy for stomach unrest (450ml)

Carmina is a special formulation of time tested natural ingredients that helps to control acidity, ..

130Tk Ex Tax: 130Tk

SYRUP CINKARA The world famed herbal tonic for the whole family all the year round (450ml)

Cinkara is a non-alcoholic vitaminised herbal tonic of proven bioavailability in mental performance..

200Tk Ex Tax: 200Tk

SYRUP FEVNIL® (KHAKSHI) Herbal Febrifuge & Demulcent (100ml)) 3pack package

Fevnil is a unique combination of valuable natural ingredients. The main ingredient of Fevnil Wild ..

210Tk Ex Tax: 210Tk

SYRUP ICTURN® (DINAR) For liver disorders and to protect the liver (450ml)

Icturn is an effective herbal preparation containing Chicory (Cichorium endivia), Borage (Borago of..

150Tk Ex Tax: 150Tk

SYRUP JERNIDE Improves the quality of life (100ml) 3pack package

Jernide is a very effective preparation of Liquorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Cascara sagrada (Rhamnus..

210Tk Ex Tax: 210Tk

SYRUP JINSANT (JINSIN) General tonic (450ml)

Jinsant is a unique antiaging, adaptogenic & herbal tonic. Jinsant contains Ashwagandha which i..

240Tk Ex Tax: 240Tk

SYRUP MARBELUS (BELGIRI) Marvelously cures diarrhoea, dysentery and disturbance of digestive system (225ml) 2pack package

Marbelus is a unique combination of Bael (Aegle marmelos) fruit and Connessi (Holarrhena antidysent..

200Tk Ex Tax: 200Tk

SYRUP MASTURIN Specific for female disorders and uterotonic (450ml)

Masturin is a uterotonic, specific for female disorders, prepared with valuable natural ingredients..

150Tk Ex Tax: 150Tk

SYRUP NAUNEHAL Soda & alcohol free natural carminative for infants and children (100ml) 3pack package

Naunehal is specially made for proper growth and development of infants and children. It is totally..

180Tk Ex Tax: 180Tk

SYRUP SAFI For natural beauty and confidence (450ml)

Safi is a versatile polypharmaceutical herbal medicine prepared with valuable medicinal plants that..

175Tk Ex Tax: 175Tk

TABLET ALISA® (GARLITAB) Unique natural unani formulation for better health and well-being (2pack package)

Alisa is one of the most recommended unani medicine for better health and well-being, prepared with..

200Tk Ex Tax: 200Tk

TABLET CALRIP (MARWAREEDI) General tonic, nervine tonic & uterotonic

Calrip is a well known unani medicine. It acts as general tonic & nervine tonic. Calrip is also..

1,100Tk Ex Tax: 1,100Tk